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Boris Kindij

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I am the Managing Broker of Tesla Realty Group LLC. I received my Bachelor's Degree (Business Administration) from the UNH in 1998.  I also participated in the U.S. Army ROTC for 4 years.  I continued my education at Philadelphia University and received my MBA in 2002. Since my father and grandfather were well known civil engineers and real estate developers from Croatia, I joined the real estate industry in 2005. Throughout my life I have had various jobs in life, both blue-collar and white-collar. I enjoy working and being productive. I strongly believe that everyone can find a job in this great country if one has a strong work ethic. It is all about your attitude in life. You always have to think positive and be ambitious. You must never give up no matter how hard the things get in life.  Work hard and smart, but also play hard because you only live one life. My motto: "Great leaders always eat last". If you have any real estate questions, please contact me at  610.550.1138.

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