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I have been in the real estate investment, development and brokerage business for more than 38 years. I have operated many partnerships and corporations that own and develop real estate projects in a wide geographical area. Since my first purchase of an investment property in 1977 at the age of 20, I have bought, managed, renovated, maintained and then re-sold over 465 real estate properties. As a land developer, I have been involved with the development of many residential and commercial projects. I have also been involved in dozens of projects that have involved the adaptive reuse of older properties which required the obtaining of zoning and/or land development approvals. As a broker of record of my own firm, I managed over 2,500 sales and a staff of 59 people. I operated integrated companies that performed mortgage, title and insurance work for my real estate offices. Since 2000, I have focused on four areas: land development, acquisition of net-leased properties, property renovation/construction and real estate brokerage. I have performed work in the entire spectrum of real estate sales and leasing. Most importantly, my wife Charele and I have been married for 39 years, and have three grown children. 

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