Agent Rentals Form

Step 1:  Please fill out and submit the form below once

Step 1:  Please fill out and submit the form below once

Please complete Step 1 first !

Dear Agents 

​Please submit your "Agent Rentals Form" by completing Step 1 and Step 2.

Please read "Agent Transaction Procedures for Rental", "Agent Checklist for Rental Transaction", and send us all applicable documents. 

Agent Transaction Procedures for Rental

Please follow the next steps:

1. All security deposits, first and last month’s rent must be paid by Money Order.

2. Tenants can only pay for their application fees ($50 per adult) via our online payment system (email invoice).  Please submit copies of Rental Application(s),
  Tenant(s)' full name and email address via our "Tenant Screening Form" located on "Agent Home" webpage. Cooperating Agents can also order background checks from us via "Tenant Screening Form" located on our "Home" webpage. 

3. Your applicant's background checks (credit and eviction reports) will be provided to you via email within 24 hours upon receipt of above requested documents. 
4. Tenant(s) must give you (3) Money Orders after they have been approved by the Landlord:

a)   Payable to Landlord:  

    (1) Money Order for Security Deposit and (1) Money Order for the last month’s rent.

b)   Payable to Broker:          

     (1) Money Order for the 1st month’s rent.

5. All non-refundable application fees must be paid by credit/debit cards via our online payment system directly by Tenant(s) if conducted by us. The first month’s rent must be payable to “Tesla Realty Group” and deposited into Broker’s TD Bank operating account (last 4 digits: 5750). 
Security Deposit and last month’s rent must be payable to the Landlord.

6. Please fill out "Agent Rentals Form" when a Residential Lease has been executed and submit it together with all required (if applicable) documents listed on "Agent Checklist for Rental Transaction".

IMPORTANT NOTICE:Once we receive all required (if applicable) documents, we will create a rental file for every transaction. You must keep those files as well for your own records.

7. You will submit copies of Listing for Rent Contract, Consumer Notice for Landlords, Executed Residential Lease, Rental Application(s), Driver’s License(s), Credit and Eviction Reports together with Security Deposit and Last Month’s Rent (2 money orders payable to the Landlord) directly to the Landlord.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The payment will be issued to you promptly only after we have received a complete rental file and Money Order for Tenant’s first month’s rent has cleared.

Mailing Address:  941 N Providence Rd, Media, PA 19063                       Copyright © 2016 Tesla Realty Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

Step 2:  Please submit all your files (1 file per submission)

Step 2:  Please submit all your files (1 file per submission)

Telephone: 1.844.TESLA.RG  
Office Hours:  M-F 9AM-5PM  

  Agent Checklist for Rental Transaction

  1.  Listing for Rent Contract

  2.  Consumer Notice (Landlord/Tenant)

  3.  Rental Application  
  4.  Tenant Screening Report

  5.  Residential Lease